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Our Stalwart Crew

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3420 N Eagle Rock Blvd

Suite A

Los Angeles, CA 90065


I gotta say, I’m honestly quite impressed with this hybrid shop. In separate parts it would make a decent little comic book shop or arcade or whatever ther back area is, game room? But as a whole it’s impressively done.

Avedon Arcade

Ensconced In the streets of Eagle Rock/Glassell Park. This place is a hip, vibrant den of comic/pop culture cool. They host pop-ups every month or so with a featured artist. Plus, they have a pretty nice hall full of great pinball games. They host league nights for pinball as well. Take the drive, it's worth the visit!

Eric Cervantes

My favorite place to pick up the latest comics, do yourself a favor and set up a pullbox!! Not only is the store amazing but the staff is beyond awesome too!

Jonathan Dockery