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What-s-Fresh-09.20.23 Revenge Of

What's Fresh? - 09.20.23

This New Comic Book Day, we’re highlighting an eclectic roster of fresh stories ready to engulf fans in a whirlwind of action, drama, horror, and thrill! Unfurling on the plot-oriented landscapes are: Captain America #1, Fishflies #2, Hexagon Bridge #1, Predator vs. Wolverine #1 and Something is Killing the Children #33.

First up, pledge your loyalty to the star-spangled hero as we salute the all-new Captain America Vol. 11 Issue #1, written by acclaimed writer and filmmaker J. Michael Stracyznski. Decades ago, Steve Rogers changed the world forever. Now powerful and insidious forces are assembling to ensure he never does it again. Past, present and future collide as the man out of time reckons with an existential threat determined to set the world on a darker path at any cost…

Next, we set sail with Fishflies #2. Following the intriguing opening chapter, Franny Fox continues to assist the strange fugitive after his wild metamorphosis while elsewhere in Belle River, the residents of the town continue to search for the perpetrator that shot young Paul DuPuis. An extra-special extra-length issue from JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth) comes a new tale of small-town surrealist horror.

Crossing the dimensional bridge, we arrive at Hexagon Bridge #1, where reality is a mere illusion, and the supernatural is the norm. Prepare to suspend disbelief and dive into a world filled with magic and intrigue that promises to plunge readers into an enigmatic vortex from page one.

In the spirit of unprecedented crossovers, hold onto your claws, because Predator vs. Wolverine #1 is finally here! Watch sparks fly and claws shred as Wolverine faces the iconic alien hunter in the showdown of the century. High-tech hunting gear meets mutant powers in this face-off: you certainly don't want to miss.

Last on our list, but certainly not least, a chill runs down the spine as we return to the terrifying world of Something is Killing the Children #33. Tension escalates, and unspeakable horror unfolds, plunging fans deeper into the darkly woven tapestry of this eerie tale.

With stories reaching across galaxies, spanning dimensions, and tackling threats both terrestrial and ethereal, there's something for everyone this New Comic Book Day! Don your capes, unsheathe your fantasy and dive right into these marvels. 09.20.23 - save the date for a “page-turning” escapade.

Agent Picks of the Week

Agent Lucas - 🧚🏻

Agent Kenzie - 😈

Agent Scott - 🔥

Agent Coral - 💪🏼

Agent Jolene - 🧝‍♀️

FRESH Comics

Alpha Flight 2 [Fall]
Antarctica #3 (Of 10) - 😈
Batman Superman Worlds Finest #19 - 🧚🏻
Batman White Knight Presents Generation Joker #5 (Of 6) (MR)
Big Game #3 (Of 5) - 🧚🏻
Bone Orchard Tenement #4 (Of 10)
Captain America 1
Catwoman #57 (Batman Catwoman The Gotham War)
Cult Of Carnage: Misery 5
Cyborg #3 (Of 6)
Dark X-Men 2 [Fall]
Deadpool: Badder Blood 4
Death Of The Venomverse 4
Detective Comics #58 Facsimile Edition
Dune House Harkonnen #9 (Of 12) (MR)
Earthdivers #10
Fishflies #2 (Of 6) - 🧚🏻, 😈, 💪🏼
Forged #4 Mike Henderson
Frank Millers Ronin Book Two #4 (Of 6) (MR)
Gargoyles Dark Ages #3
Green Lantern War Journal #1
Grim #13
Guardians Of The Galaxy 6
Gunslinger Spawn #24
Harley Quinn Black White Redder #3 (Of 6)
Haunt You To The End #4 (Of 5)
Hawkgirl #3 (Of 6)
Hexagon Bridge #1 (Of 5) - 😈
Immortal Sergeant #9 (Of 9)
In Hell We Fight #4
Jack Kirbys Starr Warriors The Adventures Of Adam Starr And The Solar Legion (One Shot)
Junior Baker The Righteous Faker #1 (Of 5)
Kaya #11 - 🧚🏻, 😈
Killer Queens 2: Kings Not Wings! #2
Klik Klik Boom #4 (Of 5) - 🧚🏻
Loki 4 - 😈
Madness #2 (Of 6) (MR)
Monarch #6 - 🧚🏻
Money Shot Comes Again #4
Monomyth #5 (Of 6)
Nightwing #106
Nocterra #16 (MR)
Omega Gang #2 (Of 8)
Predator vs. Wolverine 1
Queen Of Swords A Barbaric Story #3 (MR)
Rare Flavours #1 (Of 6) - 🧚🏻, 😈
Red Sonja 2023 #3
Saga #66 (MR) - 😈, 💪🏼
Scrapper #3 (Of 6)
Sidequest #2 (Of 4)
Sins Of The Salton Sea #4 (Of 5) (MR)
Sirens Of The City #3 (Of 6)
Something Is Killing The Children #33 - 😈, 💪🏼
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters 38 [DD]
Star Wars: Dark Droids - D-Squad 1 [DD]
Strange Academy: Moon Knight 1
Stranger Things: Tales From Hawkins #4
Superman #6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #143
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger Things #3
Terrorwar #6 (Of 9)
The Blackout Bombshell #1 (Of 3) (MR)
The Lonesome Hunters: The Wolf Child #3 - 🧚🏻
The Witcher: Wild Animals #1
Titans #3
Traveling To Mars #8 (MR)
Uncanny Avengers 2 [Fall]
Uncanny Spider-Man 1 [Fall]
Vigil #5 (Of 6)
We Wicked Ones #4 (Of 6)
What If...? Dark: Carnage 1
Wilds End #4 (Of 6)
Wolverine 37 [Fall]
Wonder Woman #1 - 😈
X-Men Annual 1 [Chaos]
You’ve Been Cancelled #4 (Of 4)

FRESH Graphic Novels

Approach TP (MR)
Basilisk TP Vol 01 - Restock, 🧚🏻
Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries TP Vol 03
Batman One Dark Knight TP (MR)
Batman Superman Worlds Finest HC Vol 02 Strange Visitor
Behold Behemoth TP
Bloodline: Daughter Of Blade TP
Blue Book TP Vol 01
Coda TP Vol 01
Creepy Archives TP Vol 02
Descender TP Vol 01 Tin Stars (MR)
Do A Powerbomb TP - Restock, 🧚🏻
Earthdivers Vol. 1: Kill Columbus TP
Empty Man TP Movie Ed
Guardians Of The Galaxy Modern Era Epic Collection: Somebody's Got To Do It TP
House Of Slaughter TP Vol 01 - Restock, 💪🏼
Joker The Man Who Stopped Laughing HC Vol 01
Know Your Station TP (MR) - 🧚🏻
Marvel-Verse: Monica Rambeau - Photon TP
Maw TP - Restock, 🧚🏻
Max Meow Boxed Set: Welcome To Kittyopolis (Books 1-4) Boxed Set
My Picture Diary HC (MR)
Old Dog TP Redact One Book 1
Slaughterhouse-Five Ogn
Something Is Killing Children Dlx Ed HC Book 01 - Restock, 💪🏼
Specs TP - Restock, 🧚🏻
Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures--The Nameless Terror TP
Starman David Bowies Ziggy Stardust Years GN
Terror Man GN Vol 01 (MR)
Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck Les Miserables & War & Peace HC
Vampire State Building HC GN - 💪🏼

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