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by Vertigo

The Wake

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Submerge yourself into a gripping, deep-sea expedition with Scott Snyder's "The Wake." A heart-pounding, eerie saga that blends elements of horror, science fiction, and adventure to craft a story as deep and vast as the ocean itself. In "The Wake," when marine biologist Dr. Lee Archer receives a mysterious summons from the government to investigate an enigmatic creature captured at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, she's plunged into an abyss of nightmares and discoveries beyond her wildest fears. A secret buried so deep within the underwater trenches, it not only challenges everything we know about our past but sends tremors of dread for our future. As Dr. Archer, along with her intrepid team, descends into the dark, uncharted waters, they unearth a covert connection between our ancestry and the seas. Beneath the waves, a menacing, forgotten mythos stirs, threatening to pull humanity into its chilling depths. Can Dr. Archer unravel the mystery before the force beneath the ocean waves calls out to the darkness within us all? Snyder's whirlwind narrative, coupled with impeccable pacing and detailed world-building, makes "The Wake" more than a mere tale. It's an immersive journey that will chill you to the bone and bequeath you with questions that go down fathoms deep. Dive in... if you dare!
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