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The Snallygaster Situation: A Kids on Bikes Board Game

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In The Snallygaster Situation, you and your best friends must face off against one of four diabolical monsters set on destroying Lakeview—and possibly the entire world! Get on your bikes and search for clues about the monster’s weakness, find the missing kid it has abducted, and end the threat to your home town!

Grab your Ride, follow the clues, search the town for your lost friend!
Work together while avoiding monsters and feds!
Includes four unique monsters, each with their own play style!
Play as the Lost Kid, provide clues and keep the monster away from friends.
Created for 2-5 friends, ages 8+, who will fight monsters for 45-60 mins.
Contents Summary:

1 Gameboard
1 Pinboard
1 Doom Track & Turn Order Board
1 Secret Map Board
1 Secret Screen
97 Tiles & Tokens
4 Kid Standees
4 Monster Standees
2 Mini Monster Standees
2 Fed Miniatures
38 Lost Kid Cards
33 Search Cards
27 Item Cards
19 Monster Goal Cards
7 Ride Cards
4 Player Aid Cards
4 Monster Story Cards
1 Rulebook

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