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Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game

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VARIOUS WAYS TO WIN - Cellulose is a worker placement game that encourages many winning strategies over multiple rounds. Each round begins with acquiring income at Sunrise. In the Daytime phase, use your worker placements to activate organelles and specialize in specific resource productions like water, proteins, and carbohydrates. Then in the Evening reset for the next day and score the central vacuole competition. Adopt long-term strategies like claiming cell component cards, or building the cell wall; you'll want to play Cellulose over and over to try new advanced strategies!BIOLOGY THEME - The game board's central plant cell models how actual plant cells sustain life, converting water and CO2 into carbohydrates in the chloroplast and transforming carbohydrates into ATP in the mitochondria. Our family board games for adults all contain a Science Behind the Game booklet, edited by a diverse group of Ph.D. doctors and scientists from around the world. Learn more about the accurate biology that guides educational board game play.
SHARED RESOURCES - In Cellulose, resources are scarce and action spaces are limited, so accomplishing your goals requires prioritizing your placements. Many actions also deplete a shared water source between players. As players compete to collect water and carbon dioxide to create carbohydrates, water becomes more scarce and is harder to collect efficiently. This balancing act creates strong player interaction and simulates the importance of key resources in the cell.
TWO ADDITIONAL SCENARIOS - After you’ve played the base game, change it up with the included Cactus and Mangrove scenarios. The Cactus makes water scarce and more valuable, while the Mangrove adds a unique underwater Plant Board that changes your income options. Each scenario adds new challenges and demands new strategies to succeed, meaning you can play Cellulose again and again!
PLAYER COUNT AND GAME TIME - Cellulose is a science board game for gamers who love science, or anyone looking for a fun board game to add to their family game night. 1-5 players can play and each game takes 60-90 minutes to complete. The included solo mode pits a player against a fast-growing A.I. component, Ivy, and includes an additional board and deck for a unique challenge. Cellulose also makes a great gift for scientists, doctors, chemists, biologists, homeschoolers, and teachers in your life!

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