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Fire In His Fingertips Fireman Smoldering Gaze Graphic Novel Volume 03 (MR)

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Ryo tries to set up her strapping fireman friend Souma with a co-worker from her office, but her matchmaking efforts hit a brick wall. It turns out that Souma has the hots for Ryo instead! And when a fire breaks out in Ryo's apartment, it's Souma who comes to the rescue and the heat really gets turned up for the fiery couple!


Explore the thrilling world of 'Fire In His Fingertips', a fascinating graphic novel series tailor-made for fans of the Shojo / Josei genre. This series is measured by its unique style, captivating narratives, and contemporary romantic themes. Volume 03 of this series introduces more drama and deeper entanglements, keeping readers on the edge.

Our fiery protagonist, Ryo, is a fireman known for his smoldering gaze and fierce determination. His strong personality is a magnet for intrigue, and his interactions with others fuel the fiery drama that unfolds across the pages of this captivating Shojo / Josei graphic novel.

A must-read for fans of the Shojo / Josei genre, 'Fire In His Fingertips' offers a riveting blend of fiery passions and pulsating drama. Discover the blazing tensions and feel the heat of every memorable moment in Volume 03 of this gripping series.

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