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Creator - Zeb Wells

Zeb Wells

Zeb Wells is a writer and filmmaker who has garnered a great deal of respect from fans and other creators alike. He became famous for his work on Spider-Man and related characters in the early 2000s (such as Doctor Octopus: Year One), and has continued to gain popularity ever since. Although a great deal of his work has been done for Marvel characters, he has also been the writer for other titles, including at the fledgling Virgin Comics. 

In addition to Zeb's work on various Spider-Man titles, his work at Marvel includes the Young Avengers/Runaways tie-in to the Civil War event, the Elektra tie-in to the Dark Reign storyline, and Venom: Dark Origin, which retells the encounter between Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote. 

His work for television and film includes the hit TV series Robot Chicken, for which he has won an Annie Award. Currently, Zeb Wells has an exclusive writing contract with Marvel. 

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