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Creator - Scott Koblish

Scott Koblish began working at Marvel Comics through an apprentice program called the Romita Raiders in 1993. By summer ’93, he was working freelance as an inker, and for the next 15 years he inked hundreds of comics such as G.I. Joe, the Punisher, Electra, Excalibur, Thor, Captain America, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Nomad. Freelancing for DC Comics, Koblish inked on multiple titles such as O.M.A.C. (over Keith Giffen) and The Brave and the Bold, Worlds’ Finest and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds over George Pérez. He inked the Marvel Comics Star Trek/X-Men crossover “Second Contact”, and was the inker on Captain America.

Koblish pencilled Deadpool for 6 years, drawing the art for the cover to Deadpool #27 which set the Guinness World Record for most characters to appear on a comic book cover.

Koblish, along with Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn started work on a comic for Image called The Secret History of the War on Weed, which debuted on April 20, 2022.

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