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  • Marvel-Verse: Doctor Strange Gn-Tpb
  • Marvel-Verse: Doctor Strange Gn-Tpb

Marvel-Verse: Doctor Strange Gn-Tpb

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The Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel-Verse — in some of his most magical adventures! Discover how renowned surgeon Stephen Strange’s search for a cure for his damaged hands led him instead into a world of magic and mystery! Join him in a mind-bending interdimensional battle with the Dread Dormammu, as only Stan Lee and Steve Ditko could present it! A sorrowful Doctor Strange tackles the demonic D’Spayre — and learns what life would have been like if he never mastered the mystic arts! The villainous Nicodemus sets his sights on Strange’s soul! And, when a cosmically powered creature wreaks havoc, can Spider-Man help Doctor Strange web up the holes in the fabric of reality?

COLLECTING: Uncanny Origins (1996) 12, Doctor Strange (1974) 55, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2008) 5; material from Strange Tales (1951) 126-127, Marvel Fanfare (1982) 5


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