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Blood-Hunt-Transmissions-from-a-Shadow-Drenched-Dimension Revenge Of

Blood Hunt: Transmissions from a Shadow-Drenched Dimension

Explorers, this is Agent Myers, broadcasting from a reality soaked in shadow.

I've returned from bearing witness to a conflict shattering a corner of the Marvel Universe unlike any we've observed.

Vampires, bolder and more ruthless than ever recorded, have turned day into eternal night. Heroes, legends... they're locked in a dance of tooth and claw, their struggle echoing across the dimensional divide. This is Blood Hunt.

Field reports you must examine (and pre-order):

Blood Hunt #1-5 (Standard Edition): The main transmission, direct from the core of the conflict. Writer Jed MacKay and artist Pepe Larraz document the heroes we cherish pushed to their absolute brink. Can they turn back the bloody tide?


Blood Hunt #1-5 (Red Band Edition): Sometimes, the most telling dispatches are stained in crimson. This uncensored, mature edition offers a brutal, unflinching look at the toll this war is taking. Not recommended for weak transdimensional receivers.




Transmission Logs: Deeper Dives

Limited Series: These focused transmissions offer vital tactical insights, revealing the struggles of specific heroes and factions. Blade, the X-Men, Spider-Man, Moon Knight – witness their desperate battles and the strategies they forge in the darkness. 


One-Shots: Dispatches offering glimpses of isolated skirmishes and heartbreaking sacrifices. Each one-shot reveals a slice of this brutal war – the desperate gambles, the terrible costs, the moments of defiance that may turn the tide.


Tie-Ins: Distortion echoes throughout the multiverse. These transmissions show how Blood Hunt ripples through your favorite ongoing series. Even the most well-secured realities aren't safe from the consequences of this desperate conflict.


Agents, though we may only observe, the weight of this struggle transcends dimensions. Witnessing these events, we may face the painful reality of loss, of destinies irrevocably changed. Yet, these transmissions are vital. They are the map to understanding this darkness, and maybe, just maybe, a flicker of hope within the encroaching night.

Prepare yourselves for Blood Hunt. The echoes of this war will reach our reality soon.

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